What Happened To The Medifast 5 Plus 1 Plan and The 4 & 2?

Sometimes, people have researched the medifast diet in the past but have now decided that they’d like to go ahead and get started.  But when they go onto the medifast site and attempt to place their order, they might notice some changes.  Many of them conducted their research with either the 5 plus 1 plan or the 4 / 2 plan.  So they are usually prepared to purchase one of these plans, depending on their needs.  But they notice that these plans no longer appear to be offered. The same can be said of the medifast achieve plan.  Suddenly, you go on the site and there appears to be two new plans – the medifast flex and go.

So what’s the deal with that?  Has medifast discontinued it’s long-term, best-selling plan, (the 5 plus 1.)  No, it hasn’t.  It has renamed its plans.  What used to be called the 5 plus 1 is now called Medifast Go.  And the 4 / 2 is now called medifast flex.  (It also used to be called the achieve.)    So, all of these older, popular plans didn’t disappear or get discontinued.  They just got renamed.  Although medifast does add new foods to their menu, the foods that were offered on previous plans are still there.  So if you had your heart set on the 5 / 1 or have used or liked it in the past, don’t worry, it’s still there, with mostly the same foods – although there are some new additions.   It’s just now called the Go.  And if you wanted the 4/2 or achieve plan, you can still still exactly that, it’s just called the Flex.

Which one appeals to you depends upon how many medifast meals you want or need to eat in a day and how many meals or snacks you want to provide yourself.  Also, they still have the thrive plan (three prepackaged meals) but this is just used for maintenance.  Anyway, I hope this article has explained that the medifast foods and plans are really are still there.  They have just been renamed.   The price point is mostly the same, and not surprisingly, the Go plan costs a bit more because you’re getting more food.  Since you’re eating five meals instead of four, you’ll need more meals in your package, which is why it costs a little more.  Here are the latest coupons for both Flex and Go. Thanksgiving Sale! Offer Includes 28 Free Shakes, Free Shipping & Bonus Gifts on 1st order of Medifast Go™ w/renewal

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