The Medifast Summer Sale: Including Discounts, Free Shakes, And Free Food

Medifast has just rolled out it’s summer offers.  It has basically placed its two most popular plans – medifast flex and medifast go on discount.  Depending on which plan you decide to go with, you can enjoy an initial discount plus either free shakes / free food.  Before I get into that, though, I’d like to explain the difference between the two plans.

If you’ve been researching or following medifast for a while, you may be familiar with their 5 plus 1 plan. This plan was quite popular for a long time.  The current Medifast Go plan is very similar to the 5 plus 1, so if you wanted to follow that program, the Go plan is probably what you would choose, since you eat five medifast meals per day on this plan and then add in your one lean and green meal.  This is the plan that gives you the most meals, since you’re required to eat 5 prepackaged meals instead of 4 (as with the the flex plan, which I’ll describe below.)  The current summer special has this plan discounted by 28 percent.  Instead of costing over $450, it’s coming in at around $329 for 154 meals over the course of a month.  Since this plan is basically like the 5 plus 1, you do have the advantage of knowing what clinical studies have found with it.    Here is the coupon for the summer Medifast Go promotion.  This plan is best for people who want to eat six times per day. Summer Sale – 28% off Medifast Go. Choose from 65 Meals for less than $11/day*! With renewal on 1st order

Next up, we have the medifast flex plan.  The idea behind both plans are the same, but the frequency of meals are different.  On flex, you eat four medifast prepackaged meals and 2 lean and green meals.  This plan is good for people who want to eat their own food more than once per day and who want to eat less prepackaged foods.  Because you are relying less on the diet foods, you do get less meals with this plan.  But, it is predictably cheaper.  In the summer promotion, they are offering 30 percent off of this plan PLUS free shakes.  You get 126 meals with this plan, plus 21 free shakes.  Because you’re getting less food, this plan comes in cheaper at $299.  Again, this plan is going to be best for people who want to eat less of the medifast provided meals and more of their own food.  That said, this is a pretty nice deal because not only do you get the free shakes, which are expensive, but you also get some samples of the flavors of home meals, which are also pretty pricey.  Here is that summer special: Summer is coming! 30% off Medifast Flex. Deal includes 21 Free Shakes, Free Shipping and Bonus Gifts!* w/renewal

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