The Medifast Memorial Day Sale: What Does It Include?

For Memorial Day, Medifast has offered deep discounts on 2 plans as follows at around 30 percent:

Medifast Flex (which is the meal plan where you eat 4 medifast meals and 2 lean and green meals on your own) is being discounted by 30%.  Now it’s coming in at $9.97 per day or $299.  This includes 126 regular meals and 9 flavor of home meals plus 21 free shakes and a journal, dining out guide, blender bottle, and healthy living work book.  The free shakes are a very high value because a box of 7 medifast shakes costs about $20.  So getting 21 free is a $60 value.  A sampling of the foods that you get on this plan are things like pancakes, ziti marina, chicken noodle soup, garlic mashed potatoes, chocolate pudding, and brown sugar oatmeal. Memorial Day Sale – 30% off 1st order! Choose from 126 Meals for under $10/day. Includes 21 free shakes!* w/renewal

The Medifast Go Package is the plan that used to be called the 5 plus 1 plan.  It is the traditional medifast plan on which all of the clinical studies are based.  On this plan, you eat five medifast meals and provide your own lean and green meal.  The package includes 154 meals (so almost 20 more meals than Medifast Flex)  This plan is currently on sale at $10.97 per day or $324.  With this plan, you get 28 free shakes and all of the good stuff that you get above.  You’ll get foods like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and wild rice and chicken soup as well as what was mentioned above.  (This is just a sampling.  There are many more foods.) Spring Sale – 28% off Medifast Go™. Includes 28 Free Shakes! Delicious Meals for only $11/day, w/renewal

If you’ve been waiting to get in on medifast, here’s a special occasion where popular plans have been discounted and free shakes have been offered to sweeten the deal.  They will sometimes offer discounts and free food.  But here they are offering both.

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