The Medifast 4 Plus 2 Plan (4+2): What Is It? How Does It Work? How Do You Order It?

I will admit that I believe that most people on medifast are on the 5 plus 1 plan.  This is probably the most popular and well known plan on the diet, but it’s not the only one.  Recently, I had someone ask me what the medifast 4 plus 2 is and how it works.  This approach to the plan is not all that well known, but it does exist.  Many people are on some version of the medifast 5 plus 1.

Note / Update – The medifast 4 plus 2 is now called the medifast Flex.  You can learn more about it on the medifast site (link below,)  but the way that this would work would be instead of eating five of the medifast prepackaged meals, you eat t 4 of them and you eat 2 “lean and green” meals rather than only one.  Most people on this version of the plan will have a “lean and green” breakfast and dinner to accomplish this but some will swap breakfast for lunch, especially those who eat out a lot for their job or have to take clients out for lunch.  It is totally possible to chose wisely at restaurants when on medifast and stay within the lean and green guidelines if you are careful.

So why do people chose the 4 plus 2?  Some think it will be easier and some want to ease into the 5 plus 1.  Or, some don’t have as much weight to lose and feel like this is more appropriate for them.  The amount calories on the 4 /2 is going to vary depending on what you chose for your “lean and green” meals and how stringently you follow the directions.

If you don’t have too much weight to lose or you’re seeing good results by not being all that stringent, I don’t find anything wrong with choosing a sort of hybrid plan that you find more attractive or that works for you much better.  If having only one main meal each day just seems to be too much for you or something that you don’t think you should or would want to do, there’s nothing wrong with trying the 4/2, at least in my opinion.

You’d still be taking in much less calories than you would normally and if you play your cards right, ketosis may be possible.  So, how would you go about ordering a 4 plus 2 plan on medifast?  Well, I think the cheapest way would be to just go ahead and order a package as this is always the cheapest way to go.   They have coupons for the packages, like this one currently for medifast flex – Fall Special – Save $145 on the 30-day Flex Kit. Offer includes 21 Free Shakes, w/renewal*

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