The Free Shakes Offer On Medifast: What Does It Entail?

There’s no question that the medifast shakes are among the most popular items on the menu.  They’re often listed as among the best selling.  So when medifast gives them away for free, this is often a very popular promotion.  As of this writing, medifast is offering 28 free shakes when you purchase a medifast go package with medifast advantage (which is their auto renew package.)   This means that they continue to send you food until you cancel this, but it can be canceled at any time.  Medifast Go is the package that used to be called the 5 plus 1 plan because with this plan you eat five prepackaged meals per day and you cook or provide one lean and green meal.  In addition to the free shakes, the plan is heavily discounted right now.  Its running at $329 when it is usually over $400.  Plus, you may or may not know that a box of shakes (which contains 7) generally runs about $20 per box.  So 28 shakes is the equivalent of four boxes, which is quite a value.  The whole savings / package is probably worth around $150.  This is quite a good deal if you were waiting for the right time to try out medifast.  For less than $350, you’ll get enough meals for a month (five per day) as well as the free shakes (which would be about one per day.)  That’s just a little over $10 per day and you are getting quite a lot of value for that.  Here is the coupon for that deal: Spring Deals on Shakes – 28 Free Shakes, Shipping & Bonus Gifts included w/first order of Medifast Go! w/renewal

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