The Best Medifast Fall Specials And Promotions 2017

If you follow this blog, you know that I like to include what I consider to be good medifast promotions.  The company has just released some fall promotions.  Here are the two that I think offers you the best bang for your buck.   The first offer is on medifast Go.  This is the company’s traditional plan that has you eating five prepackaged medifast meals per day and one lean and green meal (which you either prepare or provide.)  With this package, you get 154 meals plus 28 free shakes, which is quite a generous incentive. It also gives you free shipping.  The entire package comes in at only $329 for the month plus you get bonus gifts like the medifast blender, food journal, and guide. You get meals like ziti marinara, pancakes, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and a whole variety of shakes.  You can see the list of foods here: Fall Sale! Get 28 Free Shakes, Free Shipping & Bonus Gifts included w/offer on 1st order of Medifast Go™! w/renewal

The next special I want to highlight is on the flex plan.  This plan has you eating two lean and greens per day and four prepackaged meals.  So you have a little more flexibility with this one, but you get a little less food as a result, so the package is cheaper.  In this package, you get 126 meals and 21 free shakes.  One really big incentive that they offer here is that they give you 9 flavors of home lean and green meals. (So that would be nine meals that you don’t have to cook.)  These are really expensive if you order them separately, so this is a nice addition.  This package only costs $299, but as you see above, you’re getting 30 less meals than you do on the medifast go plan, since you provide one more of your own meals on this plan each day.  You can see which meals are included here: Fall Special – Save $145 on the 30-day Flex Kit. Offer includes 21 Free Shakes, w/renewal*

So, which do you choose? Which offer is better for you really does depend on how many lean and green meals you plan to eat each day.  If you want to go with the traditional plan where you have 1 lean and green meal, you’re going to get more meals and pay less per meal with the Go plan and that would be the better deal (in the first paragraph.)   If you don’t need as many meals because you don’t mind preparing two small meals per day, then the flex plan is cheaper plus you get the flavors of home meals, which are usually pretty pricey (in the second paragraph.)  Both of these are offer nice discounts and allow you to get a lot of shakes for free, which is something that people always seek out in the medifast specials.

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