Medifast Go Vs Medifast Flex: What Are The Differences?

I’ve had some people ask me to explain the differences or distinctions between the medifast go and medifast flex plans. I think that some of the confusion is due to terminology.  These plans have actually existed on the medifast site in the past, but they were called something different.  But that is in the past.  Let’s move on to the present.

Details On Medifast Go:  The go plan is what used to be the five plus one.  This means that you will eat five prepackaged medifast meals and one lean and green meal.  You can either prepare the lean and green meal yourself or you can carefully chose a restaurant meal or use a medifast flavors of home meal.  Traditionally, this has been the most popular plan. And it is the plan that is used in many clinical studies.  People who like having their meals provided for them will generally gravitate to this plan because it means that they only have to cook or provide for themselves once per day (or none at all if they are using flavors of home.)  This plan is very convenient, but because you get more meals, it is a little more expensive than the medifast flex plan, which I will discuss now.

Details On Medifast Flex: The flex plan is what used to be called the four plus two or the achieve plan.  This is four prepackaged medifast meals, two lean and green meals, and one snack. People who don’t mind cooking will generally gravitate more toward this plan. It’s also a good plan for people who have less weight to lose or people who want more gradual results and more flexibility, since you’re going to be providing two of your own meals each day.  However, it is important to note that, just like above, if you don’t really like to cook, you can use medifast’s flavors of home meals for your lean and green meal.   So that is always an option if you want to eat two larger meals per day but don’t want to cook them yourself.  As you might suspect, this plan is a little cheater since you provide more of your own food.

Another important thing to consider is that the meals offered for both plans are the same. There are not meals specific to flex or go.  They completely overlap with one another.  The only question, really, is how many of the meals you will be eating each day. On flex it will be four.  On go, it will be five.  So your experiences would be somewhat similar on both plans, as the food choices are the same.  The only major difference is that on one plan (the go) you’ll eat five prepackaged meals and one of your own and on the other  plan (the flex) you’ll eat four prepackaged meals and two on your own, plus one snack.

Which you prefer really depends on how much weight you are looking to lose (and how quickly) plus how many of the meals you want to provide for yourself each day.  I hope that this article has clarified that the flex and go are really not new.  The names may be different, but the idea is the same.  Here is a promotion that can be used with either plan: $35 Off & Free Shipping Orders of $350+ *See details

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