Medifast Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales – 25% Off

Like most companies, medifast is offering some enticing holiday specials in order to lure people who have been considering the plan to go ahead and try it.  We are coming up on the busiest time for dieting season, so this is when the companies generally roll out their best deals.  Medifast is offering 25 percent off of their plans for the holidays.  I just tried the links and saw them up, but I can’t promise that they will work until Cyber Monday.  Here is what the 25 percent off translates to for all of the plans: The medifast flex 30 day kit is now $299 instead of being around $390.  This is the plan where you eat 4 medifast meals per day and two of your own lean and green meals.  This is very low price point.  You don’t see this all of the time.  The medifast go 30 day kit is now $329 instead of being around $429.  (This plan costs more because you get more food, since you eat five medifast meals per day and one lean and green meal.  This is the plan that used to be called the 5 plus 1 and that is the most popular.)  Finally, the medifast flex 30 day complete kit is $399 rather than around $460.  This kit has a lot of extras, like 13 flavors of home lean and green meals, which are typically quite expensive.  So if you were interested in the flavor of home meals, this is probably the cheapest that you are going to see them.  If you’ve been thinking about medifast for a while, then you’ve probably researched it and you know that this is much cheaper than what you would normally see.  If you want to try it, this is a really aggressive price point.  Which plan will be best for you really does depend on how many medifast meals you want to eat per day and whether you want the flavors of home meals. If you’re content with four meals, then the cheaper medifast flex will work.  If you want the traditional plan, but don’t need the flavors of home, then the cheaper medifast go kit is probably your best bet.  Here is the coupon: Cyber Monday Special! Save 25%* plus Free Shipping on orders of $300 or more.*  See details.

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