Meal Planning For Medifast

I sometimes hear from people with a family who are researching and are getting ready to start medifast.  They are worried about how their family meal planning might have to change with the medifast plan.   They know that their family isn’t dieting.  They also know that they need to provide at least one (and possibly two) lean and green meals each day (depending on which plan they are on.)  They can worry that this is going to mean a lot of additional work.  They might say, “I have two picky kids plus a husband and I am starting medifast.  I am worried that I am going to have to make regular meals for my family and then make my lean and green meal on top of this.  How are you supposed to keep everything straight when you’re cooking for a family, but also have to worry about your lean and green?”

I know that it sounds impossibly complicated, but it may not be as bad as you think.  First, many people find it helpful to get one of those little stackable cabinets to put in your pantry or kitchen and to place out prepackaged meals for each day of the week.  This way, you do not need to go scrambling to make a food decision several times per day.  This also helps to keep your meals nice and organized so that you aren’t digging around to try to find a lunch option around lunch time when you’re very hungry.  You want to set it up where you can grab something without having to think too much about it.

As far as your lean and green meal, remember that it can be for any meal.  On some days, it may be easier for you to make yourself an omelet for breakfast and have that be your lean and green and then make your family a regular dinner while you just put in one of the flavors of home lean and green meals (that are prepackaged by medifast.)  Also remember that a lean and green is really only lean protein with three servings of non starchy vegetables.   Most of the time, your family is already eating one protein and some vegetables. So, many people will have the same protein as the rest of their family, but they’ll just add in raw veggies or allowed vegetables.  For example, let’s say that you’re making your family a roast with mashed potatoes, carrots, and gravy. Pick a lean roast and cut of the excess fat.  Look up the serving size for roast beef on the medifast quick start guide (which you can do here: Medifast Official Site) Then, make yourself the medifast mashed potatoes and forego the gravy / butter / cream.  You can have the same carrots as your family if they’re not covered in butter or a sugary glaze (you can use butter buds to get the same affect.)  Then, you still have one more side that you can play with.  You might add in microwaved beans or raw red peppers or something that you can easily throw on the side.  Customizing this regular family dinner to be a lean and green meal should only take a couple of minutes.  I know someone who does burger nights right along with her family.  She uses lettuce to wrap her very lean burger and she actually makes waffle fries (using a waffle iron) with the medifast mashed potatoes.  This is only one additional step. You just have to be creative sometimes.  Most people easily find recipes and tips and tricks online.  Some of the recipes can be customized for your family so that you’re not having to make separate meals.   Here is the latest medifast special.  It is a pretty generous discount: Try Medifast Diet! – Take 28% off 30-day Go Kit, w/renewal plan

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