Lasagne On Medifast: Is It Allowed?

One of the things that people miss most when dieting is their favorite comfort foods.  One of the most popular comfort foods that people don’t want to give up is lasagne.   I sometimes have people ask if they are going to have to totally write off lasagne while on the medifast diet.  This would be an understandable assumption because traditional lasagne contains pasta which is high in carbohydrates and could keep you from getting into ketosis for effective and quick weight loss.  Also, traditional lasagne contains large amounts of cheese and, therefore, fat.  So I could understand why people would assume that it would be off limits.

However, in your lean and green meal, you are allowed to have lean protein and three servings of vegetables.  You are also allowed to have some “extras.”  Because of this, if you were very careful with the recipe that you use, you could make lasagne that is safe for your lean and green meal and you would not even be cheating.  There are lasagne recipes that use fresh tomatoes rather than sauce and they either omit the noodles or use cauliflower for the noodles.  Then, they add additional vegetables and some very lean ground beef.  The cheese is really considered a meatless option for the lean and green protein, so in order to truly be in a compliance, you’d have to use less cheese and meat in order to make up one serving.  But I think that this is doable and even if you go over just a bit on protein, you’d still be eating a meal that is low on the glycemic scale and diet friendly.  Also, if you are just looking for an Italian option and you don’t feel like cooking a lean and green lasagne, you could go with some Italian “Flavors Of Home” options like the turkey meatball marinara or the chicken cacciatore.  These  are made by medifast and are meant to be eaten as lean and green meals, so they are totally in compliance.  Plus, they are already made for you.  You can reach out to a medifast counselor for very specific information about making lasagne that would be in compliance (you can do that here: Medifast Official Site,) but as I understand it, if you stick with the three veggies and a serving of lean protein guideline, you can get creative and make a diet friendly lasagne.  Also, people do sometimes choose to go off the diet with a meal or two for special occasions.  Many will just go right back on the diet after this to minimize any slowing down of progress.   Here is the latest medifast coupon: Fall Sale! Get 28 Free Shakes, Free Shipping & Bonus Gifts included w/offer on 1st order of Medifast Go™! w/renewal

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