Is The Food Good On Medifast? Which Food Taste The Best?

One of the most common things that people want to know about medifast is if the food is good and if they are going to like the taste.  After all, it’s going to very hard to stick to a diet if you have to choke down the food when it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.  I find MOST of the medifast food to be good.  There are some meals that I don’t like, so I simply avoid those.  In the following article,  I’ll tell you which medifast foods I find to be good, better, and best.

Medifast Foods That Are Pretty Good: Here are the foods that I find reasonably good and that I pretty much eat all the time.  These aren’t the foods that I find the best, and they are usually the ones that I will dress up.  They are:

the medifast eggs – these are pretty decent.  I will typically add some veggies for an omelet or roll them in a tortilla.  I’ll also been know to add some cheese too.

the medifast soups – I like the chicken flavored soups pretty well.  I also like the creme flavored soups but I sometimes use them as sauces for other things.  I’m not fond of the crab but I do not like sea food in general.

the medifast ready to drink shakes – these are OK and I do consume them regularly when I’m on the go and I don’t have time to mix up the other shakes.  I like these for these for their convenience.

The Medifast Meals That I Consider Better Than Some Others:  OK, so I’ve told you the “good,” now I’ll tell you what I find to be better:

the pudding – this is a decent treat plain but I actually use this dry as ingredients for some baked goods like muffins and cakes.  

the medifast crunch bars – the bars are among my favorite medifast foods.  But if I had to chose my favorite of these, it would be the maintenance bars.  However, you’re limited to only one maintenance bar per day so you’ll be eating more of the crunch bars.  And they are quite good, but I am a big fan of the maintenance bars.

the medifast lattes – I like the lattes.  I like the cappuccino and hot chocolate better but the lattes are good.

the chips – OK, so these chips are made of soy, but they don’t taste that way.  Much to my surprise, I actually prefer them over the pretzels.

The Medifast Foods That I Like The Very Best:  Here a list of my staples that I like on a very regular basis.

The medifast 55 shakes: I know that you have to mix these, but I don’t care.  They are awesome and they are even more awesome when you add some sugar free syrups to them.

The new medifast pancakes:  This was an extremely welcome addition.  I was always jealous that nutrisystem had pancakes but medifast didn’t.  Now not only does medifast have pancakes, but there’s a chocolate chip option to boot.

The chili:  I like the chili plain but I also use it for burritos and other Mexican dishes.

The cappuccino and hot chocolate:  I mix these two together.  These are wonderful in the morning. (I only use half of each so it counts as one meal.)

The ice cream:  This too is a new addition to the medifast menu.  It’s soft serve but the flavors are fabulous.  People used to try to make ice cream out of the medifast shakes but this is a lot better and a lot easier too.

The medifast maintenance bars: When you eat these, it’s easy to see why you’re only allowed one because they are very decadent.  They actually taste like dessert to me sometimes.

The medifast brownies:  These are new also and they’re very good, especially warm.

I hope this article has shown you what I consider to be the good, better, and best medifast foods.  Of course, this is only my opinion.  Yours may be different.  You can see a list of medifast foods here.

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