Is Medifast Worth The Cost?

By: Lindsey Price: I often have people email me and ask me if medifast is worth the cost associated with it. After all, you do have to pay for your prepackaged medifast meals as well as groceries for your “lean and green” meal and of course it all adds up. There are several ways for you to look at medifast to see if it’s worth the cost. You can look at cost per day. You can look at it by cost per meal. And you can compare it to what you might pay for a comparable diet or for a grocery store diet where you might try to “do it yourself.”

Looking At The Cost Of Medifast Per Pound: Medifast’s literature indicates that 2 – 5 pounds per week for the first couple of weeks is not out of the ordinary.  After that, you’re looking at around 1 – 2 pounds per week. So let’s take the average of that and call it 3.5 pounds per week for the first couple of weeks and 1.5 after that. After a month’s time that would be 10 pounds if you’re only using averages, which I’m doing just to make the calculations easier.  The average cost of a month’s worth of medifast is around $300. So you’re paying about 30 dollars per pound.  Considering that even 5 pounds of loss can affect the way that you look and how your clothes fit, would you say that you’d sacrifice the cost of a weekend out to lose a 5 whole pounds? I know that I would. And these figures are given without figuring out medifast coupons that would take the cost down considerably so that you’d be paying even less per pound. It really comes down to what coupons you use and what your average monthly weight loss is.

The Cost Of Medifast Per Day And Per Meal: I would say people probably spend around an average of $8 – $10 per day on medifast and that’s on all five meals. That’s less than $2 per meal in most cases. I can’t think of any restaurant or grocery store where I could get a diet meal that would help me lose weight for around $2. Now, I could probably get fast food for around that. But that cheap mass produced food would probably make me gain weight rather than helping me to lose it.

Comparing The Cost Of Medifast To Other Diets: Actually, I consider medifast to be one of the most reasonably priced diets out there, where the cost is the most “worth it.” That’s because they only charge you for your food. They don’t tack on membership or counseling fees. There’s no silly promotions like $20 for 20 pounds or “your first ten pounds for $10.” They charge you for what they should be charging you for – the food that you are going to eat. The counseling is free. The membership is free. The resources are free. In my book, that makes it worth it.

But you really do have to answer this question for yourself. For me, I can’t put a price tag on my health, my self esteem, or how I feel when I look in the mirror. That’s not to say that I’m not going to take advantage of coupons or comparison shop when I’m planning my “lean and green” but in my opinion, medifast is completely worth it. You’ll have to make your own decision as to whether it’s worth it to you.

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