If I Cheat On Medifast Can I Work Out Extra To Get Back In Ketosis?

I often hear from people who are concerned about what happens when you cheat a little on medifast or go off of the diet for a day or two when there’s a special occasion.   And, many people realize that the key of swift and decisive weight loss with medifast is ketosis.  In case you don’t know, ketosis is where your body burns through fat because you’re eating a high amount of protein on medifast and a low amount of carbs and calories.

So, the worry is that when you cheat, your body will go out of ketosis because it’s no longer taking in fewer calories and carbs and more protein.  This does sometimes happen.  And many people will panic and think they have to work out like crazy to quickly get back in ketosis so that their results won’t suffer and they can get right back to quick weight loss.

I understand these concerns, but I don’t advocate going overboard or panicking.  In my experience, if you did nothing but simply just went back on the diet as usual, you’d be in ketosis in 3 – 4 days or so.    It’s probably not worth stressing yourself or overdoing it just hoping to gain a couple of days.  And, a 2 day delay probably isn’t going to affect your long term results all that much.

Not only that, but your body is already working very hard during ketosis.  So it doesn’t make sense to overly tax it on purpose.  Now, I’m all for moving more and doing moderate exercise to make yourself feel better, to increase your health, to strengthen your muscles, and to give yourself a leaner appearance.  I often recommend moderate exercise right along with medifast as long as it’s what you want to do for your over all health and results and aren’t over doing it.

But this usually isn’t what people are talking about when they ask me this question.  They usually mean working out to the point of exhaustion when they are back on the diet anyway.  I don’t think this is all that necessary.  I try to remember that ketosis occurs because carbs aren’t available to burn but fat is.  Exercising really doesn’t have anything to do with this.  Exercising won’t undo the excessive amount of carbs and calories that you might have taken in when you cheated (and every one cheats every once in a while.  It’s not the end of the world.)

My suggestion on this is accept that what’s done is done and just move on in the best way that you can. For me, I just get right back into my diet and exercise routine.  But, I don’t do any more than I would normally do.  From experience, I know that sometimes I don’t get out of ketosis, but if I do, it only takes a couple of days to get back in.  And my body’s working hard enough during this time.  The results will come again soon enough, so there’s no reason to panic.

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