How To Pay For Medifast

By: Lindsey Price:  I often have people ask me what type of payments options are offered on medifast.  Many are interested to know if any payment plan is available.  I will go offer different payment options for medifast below.

Payment Options When You’re Ordering Your Food Online: I believe that the vast majority of people order their meals online at the Medifast Official Site. This is just the easiest (and only) way to go about it if you don’t have a clinic close by (and this is true for many.)   There are various ways to place an order including several packages or ordering the food individually.  But no matter how you order, the payment options are the same. They accept payment by American Express, Master Card, Visa, Or Discover.

People often ask me if there’s a payment plan or if you can make regular payments.  I’ve had readers tell me that there’s a “bill me later” option which allows for payments but I myself have never used it and can’t vouch for it.  Another question I often get is if medifast is covered by insurance.  Again, that’s not something I have personal experience with as I pay out of pocket using coupons and specials, but I’ve heard from readers (and have read on the medifast site) that you need to check with your doctor and your insurance company.  In my observation, most insurance doesn’t cover weight loss programs unless it is in direct response to a health concern like diabetes or heart disease.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask though.

Paying For Medifast When You Are Going Through A Clinic: There are a few medifast clinics scattered about the USA and Canada.  So some folks do have access to the foods in conjunction with a clinic.  If this is the case for you, then you might be interested to know that in addition to the credit cards listed above, the clinics also take cash or check.

No matter where you’re ordering from or how you’re ordering the packages run about $11 per day (including everything) before coupons.  I always keep the latest medifast coupons in my free ebook which you can take a peak at

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