How Much Meat Is Allowed On Medifast? How Much Can I Have?

by: lindsey price: I recently received correspondence from someone who asked me how much meat was allowed on Medifast. Apparently, this was a large part of this person’s diet and they did not want to have to give this up. The amount of meat on Medifast is not that restrictive, but it is sensible. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Some Of The Medifast Foods Contain Meat: You will have a good amount of protein in your once daily “lean and green meal” and this is probably where you’ll have the most control and variety. But, there is some animal proteins in the Medifast meals that are provided for you. And you’ll see most of these in the soups and stews. For example, there’s crab, chicken noodle, chicken and wild rice, and vegetable beef soups. The chili tastes like there is ground beef in it, but what you’re tasting is texturized vegetable protein (tvp) which is a very common and decent tasting ingredient in many vegetarian chilis. Many people are fooled by this as the chili is really pretty good.

The Amount Of Meats That Are Allowed In Your Lean And Green Meal: Your main meal each day is going to be comprised of the “lean and green meal.” This is really the only meal that you are responsible for. But, most people look forward to it, because it does give you some degree of control and variety. And this means it can be fun to experiment with and tweak it.

Now, the company does provide some guidance on this. They want for you to have lean protein (which can be in the form of meat) and veggies. How much meat you’re allowed will depend on how lean your choices are. For example, if you chose leanest seafood (cod, grouper, tilapia), turkey, or 98% lean beef, then you are allowed to have 7 ounces of it. If you’re choosing the leanest and highest quality protein (egg whites) then you’re allowed to have a whopping 14 of those. That’s why an omelet with lean protein (animal or otherwise) can be a huge and satisfying lean and green meal.

Now, the next grouping of meats are classified as 95-97% lean. Things like chicken, swordfish, halibut and very lean beef fall into this category and you’re allowed to have a little less since these are a little less lean. You can have 6 ounces of these choices. If you like the egg yolks, you’re allowed to have two.

Finally, we get to the choices that are the least lean. In terms of seafood, we’re talking about catfish, salmon and mackerel. In terms of beef, we’re talking about steak, roast, or ground beef. Lamb, pork chops, chicken, and turkey are all fair game here, as long as they are 85 – 94% lean. In terms of these choices, you are allowed a 5 ounce serving.

Most of the time, when you buy meat, the packaging will tell you the weight and you can then make adjustments accordingly. You might also have a food scale. I hope this article has shown you that you get a decent serving of meat each day and there is also some animal products that are included in some of the Medifast meals that are prepared for you.

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