How Much Does It Cost For A Box Of Medifast Food? How Many Would I Need?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from folks who aren’t sure that they want to order a full package from medifast.  And, many notice that they can buy individual boxes of food.  So, they are interested in knowing how much these boxes might cost and how many of them they might need to buy in order to meet their weight loss goals.

So I might hear from someone who comments: “I think that I’d like to just buy boxes of medifast’s shakes and bars to get me started.  How much will these costs and how many do I need to buy?”

Most of the foods are $16.95 for a box of seven items.  This comes out to be about $2.42 per meal.  Regarding how many you would need, the diet is designed so that you eat five of the diet’s meals per day plus one meal that you make yourself.  So, if you have some sense as to how many weeks that you would like to be on the diet, then you could figure out how many boxes you would need.  If you were going to be on the diet full time, then it would take twenty boxes to equal one month of full time food, which would cost around $339.  (Note, that if you are going to want to eat more than one bar per day, make sure that you order the crunch bars and not the maintenance ones.  Because you can only have one maintenance bar per day.  This restriction isn’t present with the crunch bars. )  There is no restriction as to what type of food you can get on design a menu.  You could order all shakes and bars if you wanted, but I would encourage you to at least look at some of the other foods in order to have some variety.

And, if you are looking to buy boxes of food and save money, then I would check out design a menu. (Design-a-Menu – lose weight with Medifast!)  Why? Because that is technically a package for which you can use coupon codes.  And that is the best way to save a lot of money quite quickly.  You can usually chose between money off (usually more than $65 off) or free food (sometimes over 50 meals free. You can see the current specials here:  Medifast Specials)

This would be a good call if you know that you need to be on the diet for more than a couple of weeks.  The literature indicates that 2 -3 pounds per week (if you’re on the plan full time)  in the beginning is reasonable.   So you can hopefully mesh this information with how much weight you need to lose and figure out how much food you might need. If you need enough food to cover an entire month, than a package is usually the way to go so that you are paying as little per meal as you possibly can.

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