How Are You Supposed To Do Medifast During The Winter Holidays – Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving

I sometimes hear from people who are either currently on the medifast diet or who are considering beginning it soon.  The winter holidays always pose an interesting challenge because these are fun holidays that are full of opportunities for parties.  The parties (complete with lots of delicious food) are one of the things that makes this holiday season so special.  Understandably, no one wants to give up these parties because of their diet.  So people often wonder how to start of navigate these parties on medifast.  They might say, “honestly, I gain a lot of weight over the holidays.  Between my work, my kids’ school, and my family, I attend a lot of holiday functions and of course there is always wonderful food there. So I guess I partake too much.  I gained weight last year and I never took it off.  I’m afraid of doing that this year.  I’m honestly considering starting medifast, but how do you do it with all of the holidays?  I’m not sure if I should start now or not.”

I can’t make that decision for you, but I can offer some tips about the holidays with medifast.  Most people chose to do their lean and green part of their plan at the party.  In other words, they eat the diet’s meals the rest of the day and they save the food that they provide for themselves for the party.  Since a lean and green meal is lean protein and vegetables, it’s often very doable.  Most parties have a veggie and meat tray. Or, you can bring your own dish that is “safe” for you to eat. One popular choice is a taco type salad with lot of veggies, beans, and seasoned turkey.  Or, you could bring the veggie and meat tray and make sure to use lean meats.  Honestly, I can’t tell you that no one on medifast goes to holiday parties and doesn’t hit the dessert tray a little too hard.  It happens. We are only human.  But I look at it this way.  If I have a party over one weekend and I eat well during that week, that one weekend is not going to derail my whole plan, especially if I get back on my diet the next week.  Yes, there are three major holidays over this season.  But there is time between them to get back on track.

It helps to remember that no food tastes as good as the feeling of being in control of your own health.  Also, remember not to drink your calories.  Stick to water so you can have more leeway with food.  Try to put this into perspective and understand that the parties can be about people and being with those you love rather than about food.  My rule of thumb has been to cheat with proteins rather than carbs.  Meaning for me, it’s better to have a hamburger or prime rib than cake.  But I know that there are people who love sweets.  If you’re going to have them, enjoy every minute.  Eat slowly and chew completely.  Try to keep portion sizes, small if possible, but then savor every bite.  Then get right back on your diet guilt free.  We’re not robots.  We are human beings who want to enjoy ourselves.  I figure if I’m in compliance the rest of the time and I don’t go overboard most of the time, then I’m not going to beat myself up for enjoying myself (within reason) for special occasions.  Of course, you can be sensible about it and make good choices, but you don’t need to feel like you can’t celebrate the holidays if you are on this diet.  That’s just not true.  Here is the latest coupon. Free meals are always a great incentive and a huge savings: Try 30 days of Medifast and Get 7 days of Free Medifast Meals! w/renewal plan

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