Eating Chocolate On Medifast: What That’s A Very Easy (And Often Safe) Thing To Do.

By: Lindsey Price:  There are many foods that people do not want to give up when they are dieting.  Chocolate has to be up there at the top of the list.  I do not know many people who do not love chocolate.  And I do not know many people who would be willing to give it up for a diet.  Many people ask me what are safe chocolate cheats when on the medifast diet.  Honestly, you really should not have to cheat too much.  Medifast has tons of chocolate options built right into the diet.  Eating these items are not cheating.  And the chocolate flavored foods have no more sugar or calories than other foods, so, with only few exceptions, you can eat them like you would any of the other medifast foods.  Below, I will list some of the very popular chocolate options on medifast.

Bars:  The protein bars are among the most popular food choices and the chocolate varieties are among the most popular flavors.  Among these, there are chocolate crunch, chocolate mint, peanut butter chocolate, smore crunch, and carmel nut. (Note that if you are going to want to eat more than one of these per day, you’ll want to choose a crunch bar.  The maintenance bars contain more calories and are limited to one per day.)

Shakes:  These are another very popular option. You can choose between the Dutch chocolate, the Mocha, and the dark Chocolate if you are looking for shakes that you mix yourself.  If you want to go with the ready to drink shakes, then you have mocha and Dutch chocolate in that variety too.

Pudding, Soft Serve, And Brownies:  Next we come to what many people choose as desserts.  Medifast offers chocolate pudding, chocolate brownies, and chocolate soft serve ice cream.  There’s also a chocolate chip soft bake (which is like a thick chocolate chip cookie bar.)

Drinks: Finally, they do offer a hot cocoa which is very chocolately.   It too is part of the diet and counts as one of the meals.

I know that it can be hard to believe that there are chocolate options in the one hundred calorie range that are also high in protein and low in carbs and sugar, but this is the case.  These items are among the most popular because they taste good.  They taste like you would expect chocolate to taste.  Yes, the portion sizes are not huge, but it is enough to make you satisfied and to address your craving for chocolate.  Here is the latest medifast special: Try Medifast Diet! – Take 30% off of 30-day Select Kit, w/renewal plan

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