Can You Have Medifast Shakes Hot? Can You Heat Them Up?

Now that we are approaching colder weather, people sometimes wonder what warm drink options there are on medifast.  Yes, there is the hot chocolate and the cappuccino.  But you sometimes only get a limited amount of those in a package.  So one question that comes up is whether or not you can heat up the […]

Where To Buy Medifast Cheap

By Lindsey Price:  I sometimes have people contact me and ask me where they can “buy medifast cheap.”  I can only assume that people think that there are several medifast dealers and that hopefully competition will make these dealers compete for business so that one or a few of them will be the cheapest out […]

Medifast New Year’s Sale – 20 Percent Off Your Entire Order

UPDATE: This offer has been extended until January 14th. Medifast has just released what will be the promotion over New Year’s.  They are offering 20 percent off of all orders of $300 or more.  They are also offering free shipping.  This pretty much covers most monthly plans including Medifast Flex and Go.  If you think […]

What Does Medifast Cost Per Month. How Much Is It?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who truly want to know how much they are going to spend on medifast each month.  They really want to be able to plan and anticipate any expenses so that they know ahead of time.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that […]

How Are You Supposed To Do Medifast During The Winter Holidays – Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving

I sometimes hear from people who are either currently on the medifast diet or who are considering beginning it soon.  The winter holidays always pose an interesting challenge because these are fun holidays that are full of opportunities for parties.  The parties (complete with lots of delicious food) are one of the things that makes […]

Medifast Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales – 25% Off

Like most companies, medifast is offering some enticing holiday specials in order to lure people who have been considering the plan to go ahead and try it.  We are coming up on the busiest time for dieting season, so this is when the companies generally roll out their best deals.  Medifast is offering 25 percent […]

Meal Planning For Medifast

I sometimes hear from people with a family who are researching and are getting ready to start medifast.  They are worried about how their family meal planning might have to change with the medifast plan.   They know that their family isn’t dieting.  They also know that they need to provide at least one (and […]

The Medifast 4 Plus 2 Plan (4+2): What Is It? How Does It Work? How Do You Order It?

I will admit that I believe that most people on medifast are on the 5 plus 1 plan.  This is probably the most popular and well known plan on the diet, but it’s not the only one.  Recently, I had someone ask me what the medifast 4 plus 2 is and how it works.  This […]

Can You Eat Or Diet Like You’re On Medifast Without Having To Buy Their Food?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who completely believe that the medifast diet would likely be effective for them.  Many of them have watched friends, family, or coworkers lose weight on medifast so they generally already buy into the program.  But, where they have some reservations is on the price or what it […]

What Happened To The Medifast 5 Plus 1 Plan and The 4 & 2?

Sometimes, people have researched the medifast diet in the past but have now decided that they’d like to go ahead and get started.  But when they go onto the medifast site and attempt to place their order, they might notice some changes.  Many of them conducted their research with either the 5 plus 1 plan […]