Can You Have Tofu On The Medifast Diet?

By: Lindsey Price: I sometimes hear from either full or part time vegetarians who are considering the medifast diet and who want clarification as to what type of meat substitutes are acceptable on the diet.

I might hear something like: “if I go on medifast, will I still be able to eat tofu? I am not a strict vegetarian. I sometimes consume milk, eggs, and chicken or fish. But I do consume a lot of tofu. And I don’t want to give it up.”

You won’t have to give it up. You can consume it as part of the protein in your “lean and green meal.” You might already know that when you are on this diet, you eat the prepackaged meals (many of which are vegetarian) for five of your daily meals and then you come up with one main meal that you can choose and prepare for yourself.  (You can also choose vegetarian prepackaged meals.)

As part of that lean and green meal, you are asked to consume 5 – 7 ounces of lean protein and three servings of vegetables. The company puts out many guides designed to help you plan this meal including a quick start guide and a vegetarian guide. (You can download them for free on the Medifast Official Site.) The vegetarian guide lists the serving size for soft silken tofu as fifteen ounces, which is much more generous of a portion than is allowed for animal protein.

Obviously, you want to prepare the tofu in the healthiest way possible, like grilling or stir frying it rather than deep frying it. But the diet encourages and allows the use of a wide variety of vegetarian substitutes like veggie burgers, veggie sausage and vegetarian chicken nuggets.

It might be interesting for you to know what the medifast shakes are soy rather than milk based. So it would make sense that medifast would welcome tofu into the plan. There are also a lot of vegetarian options with the prepackaged meals. For example, the chili and sloppy joe contain texturized vegetable protein (or TVP) rather than meat. While many of the meals do contain at least eggs, milk, or both, there are some items that are completely vegan – like all of the shakes, oatmeals, crackers and cereals. This diet is pretty friendly for people who choose not to consume animal protein. And if you consume at least some milk or eggs, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.  But yes, tofu is most definitely a protein that you can include with your lean and green meal and you can have as much as fifteen ounces.  Here are the latest medifast specials. Now less than $11/Day. Try 30 days of Medifast and Get 7 days of Free Medifast Meals! w/renewal plan

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