Can You Have Medifast Shakes Hot? Can You Heat Them Up?

Now that we are approaching colder weather, people sometimes wonder what warm drink options there are on medifast.  Yes, there is the hot chocolate and the cappuccino.  But you sometimes only get a limited amount of those in a package.  So one question that comes up is whether or not you can heat up the medifast shakes and serve them warm.  Yes, people do this and some have it down to a science.  It works better to mix the shake BEFORE you heat because if it is warm and you attempt to mix it, you might create a lumpy mess.  Most people just mix it normally and THEN they apply the heat.  So they might use the medifast blender or whatever method that they would normally use.  They get the shake to the consistency that they would normally want.  And then they transfer the shake to a larger, microwave safe cup or container and heat it for about 1:30 – 1:45. (Of course, all microwaves are different so maybe start out at 1:00 and then keep adding until you know how your microwave will work.)  Then, they re-stir to get a smooth consistency and that is all there is to it.  The re-stir is the reason that you transfer it to a larger cup – so that you have that room to stir out any remaining lumps. Many people also like to mix the medifast shake dry powder with hot coffee.  This gives you a flavored coffee without the fat, sugar and calories (of course, you don’t want to add cream and sugar.)  If you have any questions about this, just reach out to a medifast counselor on the medifast site.  But, I can tell you that in practice, many people use the medifast shakes to make other things including cakes, brownies, hot drinks, etc.  They make a good, chocolatey base with which to work on all sorts of recipes.  And you know that they are low in calories and safe.  Plus, they often give you a very generous amount of shakes in various flavors with your package, so they are easier to get your hands on than some of the other foods.  I’ve even had people tell me that they got a hand held milk frother and then use a touch of skim milk on the top to make a sort of whipped cream topping for their hot shake.  There are many recipes and resources on the web to give you ideas about what you can make with the medifast shakes.  Here is the latest coupon: Try 30 days of Medifast and Get 7 days of Free Medifast Meals! w/renewal plan

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