Can You Customize Medifast Go? What About Medifast Flex?

I sometimes hear from people who want to order a medifast package, but who are looking at the list of foods that comes with the plan and would like to tweak or alter that list in some way. In other words, they’d like to be able to customize the plan and they wonder if this is possible. They might say, “I’ve decided to try the medifast go plan because it has more of the prepackaged meals. I don’t want to have to plan and cook for myself very much and I figure that I might lose a little more weight if I “replace” more meals with the diet meals. I also like the idea of eating small meals so often. But since I’ll be eating the medifast meals so much, I want to be able to choose more of the foods in my package. Is this possible?”

I am not a medifast counselor, but I researched this topic in an attempt to answer. On the medifast site, it basically says that, “each kit features an assortment of our customer favorites. However, if you have special dietary requirements or would simply prefer different food in your order, we’d be happy to customize this order for you! Simply call us.” It does gives the number to call on the medifast site and you can find that number here: Medifast Official Site (Scroll all the way to the bottom on the medifast go order page.) By the way, it has the exact same language on the medifast flex order page, so that makes me assume that the company is willing to customize for any of the packages, but the only way to know for sure would be to call them.

I do know that some people will buy additional boxes of foods that they really love. It’s very popular to buy additional shakes and bars. But if this is your first order and you are just wanting to try out the food, then it certainly reads as if the company is willing to work with you to come up with a package full of foods that you will enjoy. I know that they do try to fill the packages with the most popular choices, but everyone’s tastes are individual. I would call them and specify what you are looking for. Your success depends on your sticking to the plan, and having food that you prefer would be a factor in this, so by all means call and get the foods that you like. My observations are that medifast wants their customers to be happy and to have success on the plan.  Here is a coupon for medifast go: Try Medifast Diet! – Take 28% off 30-day Go Kit, w/renewal plan

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