Can You Buy Medifast Without Being A Member. If So, How?

By: Lindsey Price:  People often ask me if it’s possible to order medifast foods (the shakes and bars are a very popular request) without being a member or buying a membership.  There is a ALOT of confusion about this.  There’s no membership fee (it’s free) or membership purchase required for medifast.  People sometimes allude to the fact that they think that this diet is like Jenny Craig or others where you have to pay to join.  It’s not.  You can basically go to the Medifast Official Site and place an order for any of the products without paying to be a member.  And with your food order, you will get all of the support that any one else gets.

People sometimes confuse auto delivery or VIP membership with being a member.  This VIP membership means that you never have to worry about running out of food because they will automatically deliver your next order until you tell them to stop.   And you are offered some pretty decent discounts for this.  But even people who place orders for individual medifast products or the smaller, cheaper packages are entitled to support, live chat, placing orders for food, and all of the other goodies.  The thing with medifast is that you only have to pay for your food.  You’re not paying per pound, per month, or anything like that.

Of course, the amount that you pay for your food will depend on which package you chose, if you use the latest medifast coupons, and how long you plan to be on the diet.  But you should know that no membership is required.  You can always place as big or as small of an order as you want.  If you’re going to be on the diet for a while, it’s cheaper to order a package and use coupons, but if you just want to try the foods you should know that they allow anyone to place an order for all of the individual products.  For example,  you can order a box of shakes, bars, brownies, or pancakes for about $16.5o each on the main site link above.  The same goes for nearly every item on the menu.

Of course, since you eat six times per day, you’d need a lot of boxes if you’re going to comply totally with the plan for any length of time.  That’s why most people who plan to give the diet a fair try will go with a package.  But no matter how you order, membership payment isn’t required.  No one will ever ask to pay for anything other than your food.   If you want more information about how medifast works, check out my free medifast ebook which has links to the main site, coupons, tips, and lots of information on having success with medifast.  I also always keep the latest specials on the right side of this sight. Good luck.

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