Are You Allowed To Have Fruit On Medifast?

I recently heard from someone who was very interested in the medifast diet, but she was concerned about having to stay away from fruit while starting the diet.  She said in part “am I ever going to be able to have some fruit when I’m on medifast? Or will I have to swear it off forever?”  I’ll answer this question in the following article.

When You Begin Medifast And Are In Active Weight Loss Mode, The Fruit You Get Will Be In The Form Of Shakes, Oatmeals, Fruit Drinks, And Pudding:  I’m going to be honest.  When you’re starting this diet, you’re not supposed to have free reign with fruit because many of them are high in sugars and carbs.

The good news is that many of the prepackaged “medifast meals” that you eat for five times per day has fruit flavored options.  Just  a few examples are the blueberry, peach and apple cinnamon oatmeal.  Or the banana, orange or strawberry creme shakes.  The banana pudding and the fruit and nut crunch bar is another example. (There’s links to medifast products with fruit at the end of this article.) 

And to be frank, plenty of people use these fruit flavored medifast meals to make muffins and other baked goods to satisfy any sweet or sugar cravings you might have.

But, when it comes to your daily “lean and green” meal that you make yourself, you’re supposed to steer clear of fruit.   They want to you to stick to the low glycemic vegetables to keep your body humming along in ketosis. 

Now is that to say that no one ever cheats and sneaks a little fruit now and then?  Absolutely not.  I do and I know that plenty of others do as well.  You wouldn’t want to go over board and I think it’s a good idea to know if you’re in ketosis.  But I hate the thought of being totally restricted on anything.

The better news is that once you’ve lost the weight that you need to lose and you go on to the maintenance and transition programs (where you’re just trying to maintain what you’ve lost,) this is where you get to reintroduce fruits and to slowly return to regular eating.

So no, you most definitely don’t have to swear off fruit for life.  You just limit it (if you’re being good) until you lose the amount of weight that you wanted to lose.   It’s a means to an end but eventually you do return to regular eating once you’ve met your goals.

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