What Is The Most That You Can Lose On The First Week Or So Of Medifast?

By: Lindsey Price:  There’s no question that people wanting to lose weight on a diet want to get a fast start.  Because that is often what is going to help you to stick to it.  No one wants to do the work, spend the money, and make the sacrifices if you aren’t going to be rewarded for your efforts.

It is much easier to stick to something (including a diet) when you know that there will be a pay off in the end. And in our fast-paced society, we want that pay off nearly immediately.

To that end, someone might say: “what is the most weight that someone can possibly expect during the first couple of weeks of medifast?  I honestly would love a 10 pound weight loss.  I am not sure if this is too much to ask. I’ve seen people discussing that type of loss, but I don’t know how realistic it is.  However, that’s about what I’d need to see in order to be able to see a noticeable difference.”

You can lose a notable amount of weight in the first week, as the range is stated at as much as five pounds in the first week and as much as two pounds after that for the next week and beyond.  (Note that the range is stated as 2 – 5 pounds per week for the first week and 1 – 2 pounds per week after that.)  So you might get within that range after the full two weeks, but I think that it’s probably a lot to expect in the first week.  Do some people proclaim that they’ve done better than this?  Yes, some have.  I’ve even seen some photos regarding this.  And I am always happy for people who have had good success, but I don’t think it’s good to expect that type of loss.  And I’m not sure that it’s completely sustainable.

I think that it’s better to shoot for reasonable and safe numbers and to be pleasantly surprised if you do a little better.  Frankly, when people tend to want those more dramatic results, they do silly things like not eat all of their food and over exercise.  Both of these things actually impede your progress because your body needs fuel and rest in ketosis.

Plenty of research indicates that you are more likely to keep the weight off if you lose it in a sensible manner.  When look at this sensibly, you are training yourself to adopt a new, sustainable life style that you can reasonably maintain.

Quick results don’t do you much good if you can’t maintain them. You don’t want to burn out before you even get started.  So my answer to this question would be that by the company’s own guidelines, five pounds in that first week certainly isn’t out of the question.  And frankly, that’s great.  Five pounds is noticeable, makes a difference in how you look and feel, and is highly motivating.

Beyond that, I think that you are really are getting into unrealistic and unsustainable expectations.  Want to know more about how medifast works?  Feel free to check out my free ebook where I keep tips and the latest coupons.

Where To Buy Medifast Cheap

By Lindsey Price:  I sometimes have people contact me and ask me where they can “buy medifast cheap.”  I can only assume that people think that there are several medifast dealers and that hopefully competition will make these dealers compete for business so that one or a few of them will be the cheapest out there.  People often look online or on places like craigslist or ebay in search of cheap medifast food.

But here’s what you should know about this.  Only one company manufactures or sells the foods / products and that is the company themselves on the Medifast Official Site. I know that this is not commonly known, but medifast doesn’t sell it’s products or foods in grocery stores, in health food stores, or in pharmacies, etc.  That means you’re likely not going to find it in your local wal mart, walgreens, cvs, publix, wegmans, or gnc.

With that said, there are a handful of clinics scattered across the country where you can buy foods and products.   But there are not many of these except for in states like Texas and Maryland.  (I only have two centers in my own state and the closest is four hours away from me.)

The point that I’m trying to make is that unless you have an official clinic close by, you might want to be skeptical if you see people claiming to sell medifast out of their garage or a strip mall.  The company doesn’t have third party retailers.  They handle sales and distribution themselves.   When you see the foods on craigslist, what you are often seeing is used foods that someone did not finish, or at least that was always my perception.  If you personally know the seller, then this might be a decent way to try out some of the foods, but I have to tell you that many have told me that they’ve gotten expired foods or something that just didn’t look quite right.

Yes, websites such as this one offer medifast coupons and showcase the latest deals.  But they don’t sell the food.  And they shouldn’t be claiming to.  People who are on the look out for cheap medifast dealers want to save money, of course and you can’t blame them.  In today’s economy, ever dollar can count.  But this savings isn’t going to do you any good if you buy expired or imitation food that isn’t really edible or isn’t what you expected.  Honestly, most people don’t realize that if they aggressively use the coupons that are readily available, they may not be paying much more than they would pay buying old food from strangers.   And if you just want to try the food, you should know that the company offers every menu item for sale individually, but that’s not the cheapest way to go.

Because if you do order the foods individually or go with the smaller package, you won’t be able to take advantage of the coupons.  The cheapest way to go really does depend on how long you plan to stay on the diet.  The following link lists what is currently a popular medifast discount:
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Or, I keep all of the latest medifast specials and deals in my free medifast ebook.  You can start reading immediately by visiting http://easiest-diet.com/free-medifast-ebook/html

Can You Eat Or Diet Like You’re On Medifast Without Having To Buy Their Food?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who completely believe that the medifast diet would likely be effective for them.  Many of them have watched friends, family, or coworkers lose weight on medifast so they generally already buy into the program.  But, where they have some reservations is on the price or what it is going to cost.  And that is when they will try to get creative and they will try to determine a way that they can eat or consume diet foods like they are on the medifast diet, but they are trying to avoid having to buy too much of the food.

I might hear a comment like: “I would really love to do medifast.   My sister lost a good deal of weight on it and she didn’t seem to be miserable in the process.  I want to get the same results.  But, my budget is limited.  Is there any way to do the medifast diet without having to buy their foods and their meals?”

This is a relatively common question and it’s completely understandable.  It’s hard to shell out money for something before you have had the results.  Sure, you may have seen friends and family have results.  But you haven’t seen them on yourself yet.  And no one wants to willingly waste money.

I looked into this question myself when I was considering medifast.  And, I ultimately determined that although you could try to buy grocery store items and / or make your own foods, you really don’t come all that close to the low amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and calories with the high amounts of protein and fiber with those types of foods.

To demonstrate my point, I’ll look at some popular diet bars, shakes, and brownies – all of which are popular choices on medifast.  And I’ll show the difference.  First, let’s look at a pure protein power bar.  I actually used to eat these and I will admit that I enjoyed them.  And, admittedly, they contain a lot of protein.  I’ll look at the chocolate deluxe flavor.  It has a very high 17 grams of protein.  That is the good.  But, it has 180 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.  This might not seem a lot.  But, it is when you compare the medifast bar.  I’ll chose the S’more Crunch Bar.  It has only 110 calories and only 2.5 grams of fat.  Let’s say you ate two of these each day.  You’d save 140 calories and 4 grams of fat.  That’s almost another bar’s worth of calories and fat.

Now, I’ll compare some shakes.  I’ll look at the Atkins RTD Advantage shake in French Vanilla.  It has  160 calories and 9 grams of fat, which is pretty substantial when you look at the French Vanilla Shake which only has 110 calories and only .5 grams of fat.  If you consumed two of these shakes per day, you’d save 100 calories and 17.5 grams of fat, which is quite a bit.

Finally, I’ll compare brownies. I realize there aren’t too many diet brownies.  And this is why people will make them at home.  I will be honest and tell you that I have tried this also.  But after a couple of days of making all of my own “special foods,” this gets very old.  But for the sake or argument and assuming that you would enjoy all of that cooking, let’s look at diet soda brownies, which are pretty well known.  They don’t contain much sugar because you use diet soda that is loaded with artificial sweeteners. Medifast doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners.  (This didn’t used to be important to me, but it is now that I’ve researched the harm that these artificial sweeteners can do over time.)  But let’s keep going and set that concern aside

The diet soda brownies are relatively low in calories and sugars, but they are loaded with carbohydrates at almost 24 grams.  The medifast Brownies in contrast only has 15 carbs.  This may not seem like a lot.  But as someone who has tracked her results very carefully, I can tell you that even a small deficit like this can make a difference between getting in ketosis or not, especially when you’re first starting out.

You can probably tell from this article that I believe it would be difficult to get medifast results without medifast food.  And frankly, I think that if you did it by making your own foods, you wouldn’t save that much money.  Many of the diet foods that you make yourself require special ingredients and yield a small amount.  Keep in mind you eat six times per day on medifast.

If you use coupons, you can generally get the meals down to just a little over $2.00 per day.  (You can see what specials are running here: Medifast Official Site (And there are coupons on the side of this blog.) But generally, you are offered a substantial discount off of your order of a generous amount of free food.  I consider this to be fair.  And I can tell you that having it made for you is a huge relief.

Alternatively, you can just order some foods individually at first just to see the results for yourself so that you won’t feel as much hesitation.  I hope that this has helped.
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What Grocery Chains Carry Medifast?

By: Lindsey Price:  It is completely understandable that when you decide that you want to try a self improvement project – a new diet, a new look, an exercise regimen, etc., you want to implement it NOW.  Most of us don’t take these types of decisions lightly.  We research.  We compare the product with other products in the same niche.  And we consider the pros and cons. of each  Only after we have done all of this do we make a decision.  With that decision made, we want to get started.

That’s why I hear from people asking me which local grocery chain they can use to buy medifast products.  They want to be able to run down to their local Publix, Winn Dixie, Sweetbay, Walmart, Target, Groger, Walgreens, CVS, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc., and simply buy the products.  Many reach out AFTER they’ve been all over town – looking everywhere for the medifast shakes and bars, only to begin to suspect that the products may not be sold in grocery stores, drug stores, or pharmacies.  Many are really surprised because they see other diets in stores and wonder why they can’t get medifast.

I’m only speculating.  I don’t have any first hand knowledge whatsoever. But I’d suspect that medifast doesn’t sell their products in grocery or retail stores for a couple of reasons.  First, perhaps they don’t want to deal with distributors (when they handle things themselves.)  But most importantly, I think that they want their consumers to interact with their website (the Medifast Official Site) because that same website is where you are going to get support.  In other words, when you create an account and place an order, that is the same account you are going to use when you want to speak to a counselor, when you have a question, when you want to track your progress, when you want recipes, and when you want to interact with other dieters.  It’s well established that dieters who have support are more successful, not only in terms of losing weight and keeping it off, but in being happy with the entire experience.

Just selling you the product at a grocery store would only be half of this equation.  They want you to have the support and the tools that you need.  The food itself is only a part of the product.  I understand wanting to buy the product right away.  But shipping really is fast (and most of the time, it is free.)  Your order will arrive very quickly, most of the time.  And while you are waiting, you can get acquainted with the resources on the website, assemble ideas for your lean and green meals, and start thinking about incorporating exercise.  All of these things ensure your long term success, which is really the goal here. Here is the latest medifast coupon:
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Medifast And Visceral Fat: Does The Medifast Diet Help To Burn This Very Specific Type Of Belly Fat?

By: Lindsey Price:  People who want to lose weight also want to lose fat.  Many want to lose fat all over, but some are interested specifically in belly or abdominal fat.  And there are some who are aware that it’s particularly important to lose visceral fat.  There are two types of abdominal fat: subcutaneous and visceral.  Subcutaneous lies right underneath the surface of the skin.  When you pinch around your belly and waist, it is the subcutaneous fat that you are feeling.  Visceral fat lies much deeper and is around vital organs like the liver, intestines, and pancreas.  There are health risks associated with having too much visceral fat – including interference with the health and function of your organs and hormones, as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Even worse, a large amount of visceral fat shows some correlation with certain cancers and with chronic disease.  Lessening this type fat could definitely be beneficial to your health.

So it’s a no brainer that you want to decrease this type of fat if you have too much of it.  That leads you to wonder if medifast can help you to do this.  Well, there has been a clinical study which can hopefully shed on light on this and give us some specifics.  In 2010, a study was published that outlined a 40 week trial in which 90 adults either used medifast or a self-selected, healthy food-based meal plan in order to lose pounds, fat, and inches.

At the end of the trial, the group who ate the medifast showed an average 15 percent reduction of visceral fat.  The food-based group only had around a 9 percent reduction.  There were also vast improvements in waist circumference.   The medifast group had a waist circumference reduction of almost 8 1/2 percent while the food based group had a reduction of almost 3 1/2 percent.

This data seems to indicate that medifast is more effective at lessening both types of abdominal fat than a self chosen diet, although both groups saw really nice gains.  If you are already leaning toward medifast and think that it could be a good fit for you, then it might be encouraging to know that clinical trials indicate that yes, medifast is quite effective at helping you to burn abdominal visceral fat, which is known to be challenging to burn.  This can have additional health benefits outside of just losing weight – although losing weight is always a worthwhile goal and is a healthy thing to do if you’re not yet at a healthy weight.  If it helps, here is the latest medifast special: Try Medifast Achieve For As Low As $149

How Does Medifast Achieve Work? Is There A Catch?

By: Lindsey Price:  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about medifast’s new achieve program.  It’s been quite a long time since the company had a $10 per day price point, which many dieters are going to find quite attractive.  But, people understandably think that there is some catch with this program.  They wonder why (and how) medifast is doing this so cheaply.  They think that perhaps there is some unpopular or bulk food that comes with only the achieve plan or that you only get half of the food or something.

Neither is the case.  In this article, I’ll try to explain how the achieve plan works.  First, there are three options: the two week plan at $149.99 with 56 meals and $5 shipping; the 30 day select kit for $299.99 with 125 meals and free shipping; and the 30 day complete kit for $399.99 with 125 meals, free shipping, and included supplements and additional bonuses.

I’d like to make clear that the achieve plan contains real, popular foods.  The food is not any different than what you would get on other plans. The food choices do vary depending on which package you get.  For example, the two week plan does not include samples from the taste of home line.  But, all of the packages on the achieve plan do include popular meals like cereal, shakes, bars, pancakes, and snacks in appealing flavors.

Now, you may or may not have noticed that the achieve plan comes with the medifast advantage program.  This is medifast’s savings plan which ships you food until you tell them to stop.  People think that there is a huge commitment with this plan, but there really isn’t because you can cancel it at any time.  Plus, it is true savings plan that allows you to not only save on your first order, but to also get 5-10% off your next order as well as discounted or free shipping each time, depending on what you buy.  So they really are giving you a repeated incentive on the advantage plan, but you aren’t stuck with it if you outgrow it.  Some people do lose the weight before they thought that they would and don’t need to continue on for as long as they thought.

Finally the achieve plan does offer slightly less food than the regular, higher cost plans.  You typically get around 153 meals when you’re spending over $375.  But with achieve, you get 125 meals on the 30 day plan, which averages out to a little over 4 meals per day rather than five.  So if you were planning to do the 4 plus 2 plan or you were planning to provide one small snack yourself, this plan would be perfect for you and could save you a significant amount of money. Here are the coupons for the achieve plan: Try the Medifast Achieve Program for less than $10/day,

Try the Medifast Achieve Program for as low as $149

Can I Have More Than The Medifast Meals?

By: Lindsey Price: Some people have a little bit of an adjustment period when they start the medifast diet. It can occasionally be a challenge to eat all of the meals. Or, people are often worried that they won’t feel quite as full as they would like. Sometimes, people ask if they can eat more medifast meals if they find themselves in this situation.

Someone might ask: “I’m starting medifast this weekend. But I am used to eating more than normal on weekends as a treat. So I’m a little worried. If I get hungry, can I eat more than the medifast meals?”

Well, I think it may be a mistake to just assume that you’re not going to be full or satisfied before you’ve even tried.  If it helps, know that you get two larger “lean and green meals” in addition to the four medifast meals plus one snack (with the new achieve plan.) This is lean protein with 3 vegetable servings. You can get creative as to what food items you choose to prepare this, but most people use this as their main, larger meal. So make sure you include this every day.

Also, in addition to these opportunities to eat, you can also have a healthy snack. If you take advantage of all of these  opportunities to eat, you’ll be taking in food pretty constantly. For many people, that feels like eating all of the time. But if that is still not enough, I would think that eating an additional medifast meal would be much better than cheating with foods off the diet. But, I’d encourage you to reach out to a counselor on the Medifast Official Site to be sure.

If you’re really hungry and are tempted to cheat with a lot or high calorie foods, consider having one of the new hearty choice lean and green meals. These are substantial, so it should quell the hunger, but it will still be less calories and fat than regular food that you would cheat with.

I think that every one has experienced some cheating. It happens simply because sometimes we have special occasions or we have had a rough day in terms of compliance. The key is to realize that it’s happened and you can not change that. But you can change today. And you can get back on the diet as soon as possible so that you don’t get into bad habits. I don’t think it really hurts much to cheat every once in a while. But if you get in the habit of doing it all of the time, then it may affect your results.

Many people find that they get used to the diet pretty quickly. So hopefully, if this is an issue, it will only be something you have to deal with in the beginning and then your body will adjust.  Here is the latest medifast special for the achieve plan: Try the Medifast Achieve Program for $10/day

What Is The New Medifast Achieve Plan: Learn More About This Plan That Is Less Than $10 Per Day

By: Lindsey Price:  I hear from a lot of folks who really do want to try medifast but who tell me that it’s just too expensive at this time. I always encourage people to use coupons and I do believe that for the most part, medifast can be less expensive than making your own diet foods, simply because speciality ingredients are expensive and your time and effort are certainly worth something.

However, now that medifast has introduced its new achieve line, I can honestly say that even without factoring in time and effort into the equation, medifast is certainly now very competitive with, if not cheaper than, using your own foods.  That’s because the new achieve plan is less than $10 per day (that’s about two dollars per meal, which is REALLY hard to beat.)  Not to even mention that they give you a lot of freebies that you would have to pay for separately in these kits.

If you have more than a few pounds to lose and you want to go want to go with the diet for at least a month, then check out the cheapest monthly plan available which is The 30 Day Select Kit.  They give you 125 meals which includes shakes, bars, soft bake, pancakes,  soups, and a sampling of the taste of home meals.  (These are the prepackaged lean and green meals, and they are the most expensive meals that medifast sells.)  So getting these included for free is quite a bonus. Plus, you get a free food journal, dining out guide, healthy living workbook, plan guide, as well as the shaker bottle to make your shakes.  Here’s the coupon for that because it’s been rare to get started with medifast for less than a $300 price tag for an entire month.  Try the Medifast Achieve Program for $10/day

Let’s look at some more of the options that you have here.  If you just want to try the program and you want to get in for the cheapest route possible, you’ll want to go with the 2-week $149 plan.  What you get here is you get: 56 medifast meals including items like bars, shakes, soft bake, and mashed potatoes.  On top of the food, you get a free journal, plan guide, and shaker bottle (in which you make your shakes.)  Here is the coupon for that: Try the Medifast Achieve Program for as low as $149

Believe it or not, the above is not the most deluxe achieve plan.   They’re also selling what they call the “complete kit.”  You’re still getting 125 meals with this one, but you’re getting a little more variety and snacks.  You are getting the shakes and bars like before, but you are also getting pudding, cheese puffs, ziti marinara, cold cereals and the 12 taste of home samplings.  In addition, you get both medifast supplements included with this order (digestive health probiotic and heart health omega.) You also get all of the freebies described above, but you also get the electric 300 watt medifast blender which is quite popular.  It’s very high powered and it does a great job of getting the shakes, puddings, and soups at a very nice consistency.  Whichever plan you go with, the achieve plan has brought medifast to a price point that we haven’t seen in quite a long time. If you’ve been considering it but thought the price was out of your reach, now might be the time to get in because yes, it really is less than $10 per day.


Will One Normal Meal Per Week Ruin The Medifast Diet?

By: Lindsey Price:  Many people have special occasions that happen weekly. And understandably, they look forward to these occasions and don’t want to stop them just because they want to lose weight. When this special occasion involves food though, things become a little tricky.  One of the most common questions that I get about medifast is how to fit in regular splurges. Because a very common worry is, if you have these splurges regularly, say, once per week, is this going to ruin the diet?

Here’s an example.  Someone might ask something like this.  “Every Sunday myself and some ladies from our church get together at alternating houses.  We trade off having it at each other’s homes.  We share laughter and fellowship and friendship.  These women are very important to me.  I always have wonderful food and conversation and I do not want to stop.  I am very serious about starting medifast because I know that in order to be healthy, I need to lose about 50 pounds.  But I do not want to give up my Sunday meal with my friends.  If I continue the meal – only once per week like normal, will it ruin my diet?”

This is hard to say.  I think it would depend on how much you eat (and what type of food) during your splurge and how compliant you are for the rest of the week.  There is room for adding in your own food with medifast because you do have those lean and green meals twice per day, assuming that you are on the achieve plan.  (Try the Medifast Achieve Program for $10/day) So the easiest thing to do what would to save your Sunday get together for your lean and green meal that day.  Since the lean and green meal is a serving of protein and three vegetables, that will give you a starting point.

Now, if you overdo it some and eat what would be more than a lean and green meal, you’d want to watch your results for that week and see what happens.  I could only guess, but I can theorize what might happen based on how I know medifast to work.  By taking in fewer calories and carbohydrates, your body switches into fat burning mode or ketosis.  It no longer has excess carbs, so it really has no choice but to use fat as its furnace.  You are going to lose weight much easier if you can get and stay in ketosis rather than getting in and getting out repeatedly.  (Pharmacies sell ketone strips that allow you to check this.)  Staying in this phase is easier if you add in excess protein instead of excess carbs when and if you cheat.

That’s why I’d recommend focusing on proteins at your Sunday gathering.  If you’re going to cheat, try to do it with a protein and fat rather than sugar and carbs. You can also explore making healthier versions of what you are already bringing.  And you can focus on making sure you’re consuming what are healthy portions.  I absolutely do not think you have to give you the Sundays you love so much.  You may just have to adjust what you’re eating and how much of it.  These women are your friends and they love you, so I am sure they will understand a small adjustment.

Think about it this way though, if you are in compliance for the rest of the week and you try to be slightly careful on Sundays, you still would be taking in few fewer calories and carbs than what is normal for you, which means that you should certainly still see results.  I know many people who make small splurges part of their routine, but they’re careful to make this part of a lean and green meal and they monitor carefully.

Just keep an eye on your progress and if you’re not happy, tweak it a little bit until you are.  If you suspect you’ve gotten out of ketosis, test yourself to be sure.  Many people are able to find their “sweet spot” so to speak where they allow themselves small and sensible rewards with their lean and green and still get the results that they want.

I’d suggest discussing how to do this in the right way with a medifast counselor on the Medifast Official Site.  It’s easy and free to reach out.

What Is The Difference Between The Counseling You Get At A Medifast Center And Online?

By: Lindsey Price:  If you have been researching the medifast diet, then may have discovered in your research that there are two ways that you can get medifast – you can purchase it online or you can go to a center and get it there.  If you have done this research, you probably also know that the center is significantly more expensive and you’re probably wondering if it is worth it.

Someone might ask: “the only real difference that I can see with the center and ordering medifast online is the price and the fact that you are meeting with someone face to face.  What are the differences with the counseling online and the counseling in the center?  Is this the reason for the difference in cost?”

I will answer this as best as I can.  I’ve heard about centers from several folks, but have never been in one myself.  As best as I can tell, they offer many tests at the center to help you succeed. For example, I’ve heard they have a body scan machine which will tell you how many calories you burn per day, how hydrated you are, how much fat is included in your body make up, etc.  This gives you a lot of information to start and you do meet one-on-one and face- to-face with a counselor.  I believe that you do this weekly.

Whether you find this completely necessary or not depends upon your personality.  Some people who I have spoken with said that the weekly meetings feels a lot like the weight watchers experience.  If you enjoy this, than the additional cost of a center may be worth it to you.

In contrast, you will pay significantly  less if you buy medifast online.  But the online counseling obviously can not take place face-to-face.  And you aren’t going to have access to the body testing.  While you are able to online chat with, email with, or speak on the phone with an online counselor about any questions that you might have, it is going to be a different experience than face-to-face.  But of course, there is A LOT that can be accomplished online and there are online forums which many people find incredibly helpful and motivating.

I think it truly does depend on what type of support you most respond to.  Some people feel that paying out that substantial amount of extra money and knowing that they will be accountable (face-to-face) each week keeps them on track. Others find it to be a lot of costly pressure that in fact makes them shut down.

I personally fall into the last category.  I’m pretty introverted and don’t like feeling any more pressure than necessary.  I know when my results aren’t what I was hoping for and I don’t need to pay someone to tell me that. I like doing research on my own.  I like the online charts that I can complete on my own. I still get the information but on my own terms.

And frankly, the food that you get and the 5 plus 1 plan that most people end up on is the same both online and in a center.  You end with the same food and the same program regardless.  (Unless you are doing the 4 plus 2 or 3 plus 1.  But you can get those online too.)

Some people try the online experience first since it is so much cheaper.  They figure if they try this route and need more support, at least they know what to expect and they have not made a huge commitment first.  Because that is another difference between online and a center.  My understanding is that there is a commitment at the center, whereas online, you just order the food you need and stop when you no longer need it.  In essence, you’re only making a commitment to the food you buy at the time and nothing more.  So your downside is very limited.  There are also very generous coupons for use online.  You can check them out here.  And I think you will see that the cost difference is substantial.