Where To Buy Medifast Cheap

By Lindsey Price:  I sometimes have people contact me and ask me where they can “buy medifast cheap.”  I can only assume that people think that there are several medifast dealers and that hopefully competition will make these dealers compete for business so that one or a few of them will be the cheapest out there.  People often look online or on places like craigslist or ebay in search of cheap medifast food.

But here’s what you should know about this.  Only one company manufactures or sells the foods / products and that is the company themselves on the Medifast Official Site. I know that this is not commonly known, but medifast doesn’t sell it’s products or foods in grocery stores, in health food stores, or in pharmacies, etc.  That means you’re likely not going to find it in your local wal mart, walgreens, cvs, publix, wegmans, or gnc.

With that said, there are a handful of clinics scattered across the country where you can buy foods and products.   But there are not many of these except for in states like Texas and Maryland.  (I only have two centers in my own state and the closest is four hours away from me.)

The point that I’m trying to make is that unless you have an official clinic close by, you might want to be skeptical if you see people claiming to sell medifast out of their garage or a strip mall.  The company doesn’t have third party retailers.  They handle sales and distribution themselves.   When you see the foods on craigslist, what you are often seeing is used foods that someone did not finish, or at least that was always my perception.  If you personally know the seller, then this might be a decent way to try out some of the foods, but I have to tell you that many have told me that they’ve gotten expired foods or something that just didn’t look quite right.

Yes, websites such as this one offer medifast coupons and showcase the latest deals.  But they don’t sell the food.  And they shouldn’t be claiming to.  People who are on the look out for cheap medifast dealers want to save money, of course and you can’t blame them.  In today’s economy, ever dollar can count.  But this savings isn’t going to do you any good if you buy expired or imitation food that isn’t really edible or isn’t what you expected.  Honestly, most people don’t realize that if they aggressively use the coupons that are readily available, they may not be paying much more than they would pay buying old food from strangers.   And if you just want to try the food, you should know that the company offers every menu item for sale individually, but that’s not the cheapest way to go.

Because if you do order the foods individually or go with the smaller package, you won’t be able to take advantage of the coupons.  The cheapest way to go really does depend on how long you plan to stay on the diet.  The following link lists what is currently a popular medifast discount.  Medifast Specials

What Does Medifast Cost Per Month. How Much Is It?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who truly want to know how much they are going to spend on medifast each month.  They really want to be able to plan and anticipate any expenses so that they know ahead of time.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that you are going to be on one of the monthly packages.  And the reason for this is that they are typically going to be cheaper and you can typically use coupons for them.  If you order by the box and a la carte, you’ll pay a little more and you are not able to use coupons.  Many of us do place a la carte orders for items that we really love and want to have extras of, but it just makes financial sense to order a package.

As of this writing, most of the medifast plans are around $400 for the entire month, but this is BEFORE coupons.  Note, that some of the plans allow for five meals per day and some for four.  Which you choose depends upon your preferences. I keep all of the coupon codes on the right side of this blog.  And I will also place them within this article for convenience.  And generally speaking, they usually offer at least $60 off of the packages. You can look at the latest specials here: Medifast Specials

That said, they generally also offer an option of free meals if you choose to go with the auto ship option (which you can easily cancel once you have lost the weight.)  This is an excellent value.

Now, do keep in mind that you do have one lean and green meal each day. (Or two per day, if you are going with the 4 plus 2 plan.)  So, you do have to buy some groceries.  But, if you are very crafty about it, you can usually just modify what you are already buying for your family so that you aren’t spending that much additional money.  I think it’s very realistic to believe that you shouldn’t spend more than $50 for groceries (for yourself) per month especially since you’re only having to come up with one meal.

They do not charge you to use the website or to get counseling.  They only charge you for the food that you buy.  You won’t pay per pound like some diets.  And when you have lost the weight, you simply don’t place any more orders.  But to give you a hard figure as to how much medifast would cost per month, I’d say with coupons and crafty grocery shopping, you should be able to get it to about $2.20 or so per meal which I believe is extremely competitive.   Check out the Medifast Specials on the Medifast Official Site


Can You Eat Or Diet Like You’re On Medifast Without Having To Buy Their Food?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who completely believe that the medifast diet would likely be effective for them.  Many of them have watched friends, family, or coworkers lose weight on medifast so they generally already buy into the program.  But, where they have some reservations is on the price or what it is going to cost.  And that is when they will try to get creative and they will try to determine a way that they can eat or consume diet foods like they are on the medifast diet, but they are trying to avoid having to buy too much of the food.

I might hear a comment like: “I would really love to do medifast.   My sister lost a good deal of weight on it and she didn’t seem to be miserable in the process.  I want to get the same results.  But, my budget is limited.  Is there any way to do the medifast diet without having to buy their foods and their meals?”

This is a relatively common question and it’s completely understandable.  It’s hard to shell out money for something before you have had the results.  Sure, you may have seen friends and family have results.  But you haven’t seen them on yourself yet.  And no one wants to willingly waste money.

I looked into this question myself when I was considering medifast.  And, I ultimately determined that although you could try to buy grocery store items and / or make your own foods, you really don’t come all that close to the low amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and calories with the high amounts of protein and fiber with those types of foods.

To demonstrate my point, I’ll look at some popular diet bars, shakes, and brownies – all of which are popular choices on medifast.  And I’ll show the difference.  First, let’s look at a pure protein power bar.  I actually used to eat these and I will admit that I enjoyed them.  And, admittedly, they contain a lot of protein.  I’ll look at the chocolate deluxe flavor.  It has a very high 17 grams of protein.  That is the good.  But, it has 180 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.  This might not seem a lot.  But, it is when you compare the medifast bar.  I’ll chose the S’more Crunch Bar.  It has only 110 calories and only 2.5 grams of fat.  Let’s say you ate two of these each day.  You’d save 140 calories and 4 grams of fat.  That’s almost another bar’s worth of calories and fat.

Now, I’ll compare some shakes.  I’ll look at the Atkins RTD Advantage shake in French Vanilla.  It has  160 calories and 9 grams of fat, which is pretty substantial when you look at the French Vanilla Shake which only has 110 calories and only .5 grams of fat.  If you consumed two of these shakes per day, you’d save 100 calories and 17.5 grams of fat, which is quite a bit.

Finally, I’ll compare brownies. I realize there aren’t too many diet brownies.  And this is why people will make them at home.  I will be honest and tell you that I have tried this also.  But after a couple of days of making all of my own “special foods,” this gets very old.  But for the sake or argument and assuming that you would enjoy all of that cooking, let’s look at diet soda brownies, which are pretty well known.  They don’t contain much sugar because you use diet soda that is loaded with artificial sweeteners. Medifast doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners.  (This didn’t used to be important to me, but it is now that I’ve researched the harm that these artificial sweeteners can do over time.)  But let’s keep going and set that concern aside

The diet soda brownies are relatively low in calories and sugars, but they are loaded with carbohydrates at almost 24 grams.  The medifast Brownies in contrast only has 15 carbs.  This may not seem like a lot.  But as someone who has tracked her results very carefully, I can tell you that even a small deficit like this can make a difference between getting in ketosis or not, especially when you’re first starting out.

You can probably tell from this article that I believe it would be difficult to get medifast results without medifast food.  And frankly, I think that if you did it by making your own foods, you wouldn’t save that much money.  Many of the diet foods that you make yourself require special ingredients and yield a small amount.  Keep in mind you eat six times per day on medifast.

If you use coupons, you can generally get the meals down to just a little over $2.00 per day.  (You can see what specials are running here: Medifast Official Site (And there are coupons on the side of this blog.) But generally, you are offered a substantial discount off of your order of a generous amount of free food.  I consider this to be fair.  And I can tell you that having it made for you is a huge relief.

Alternatively, you can just order some foods individually at first just to see the results for yourself so that you won’t feel as much hesitation.  I hope that this has helped. Here is the latest medifast special: Medifast Specials


The Medifast 2017 President’s Day Sale

Medifast does sometimes take an opportunity to put their most popular plans on special.  The holidays are a common time for them to do this.  And they’ve put a few plans on special in honor of President’s Day.  Here are the specifics.  The medifast go plan is on special for $329 – discounted from $455.  This popular plan used to be called the 5 plus 1 plan and it’s the plan that many of medifast’s clinical studies were based off of.  On this plan, you eat five prepackaged meals per day (that are provided by the company) and add in one lean and green meal that you prepare.  Plus you get a free food journal, a welcome kit, a dining out guide, and a medifast blender   Here is that coupon. President’s Day Deal – Save $126 on the Go 30-day Meal Plan! w/renewal

Medifast also offers the medifast flex plan.  That plan gives you four prepackaged meals per day and you make two lean and green meals on your own (this plan used to be called medifast achieve or the 4 plus 2 plan. ).  The flex plan is on special for $299.  That’s quite a discount because it is normally $443.  You get all of the free stuff described above.  But you also get three “flavors of home” meals which you can use as lean and green meals if you like.  These substantial meals are pretty expensive when you buy then by the box, so this is a nice incentive. President’s Day weight loss deal – Up to 30% off Medifast monthly meal plans! Plans starting at $9.97/day, w/renewal

Which plan is best for you really depends on how much you want to provide your own meals and how much you want to rely on the prepackaged meals.  If you like making the lean and green and would rather have two instead of just one, then you’ll probably like the flex.  If you want to stick with the traditional medifast plan where you eat six times per day, with only one of those being a lean and green meal, then you’ll probably want to choose with the go plan.

Cheese On Medifast: What Are Your Options?

By: Lindsey Price:  If I had to pinpoint three foods that dieters ask me about, the three would be chocolate, cheese, and potatoes.  People often assume that all three of these are off limits on medifast, but that isn’t always the case.  Medifast has many chocolate options and they do offer mashed potatoes (and I have seen some great potato pancake recipes for these.)  As far as cheese goes, not only are there options in some of the prepackaged foods, but you are also allowed to add in cheese (within reason) to your day.  I will discuss this more below.

One of the easiest places to look for cheese on medifast is in its snacks.  There are Medifast Parmesan Cheese Puffs,
Medifast Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs
, and cheese pizza bites. They also offer cheddar and sour cream popcorn.  Moving on to more “real” or substantial food, there is an offering of Medifast Macaroni & Cheese.

Now, people would typically eat the “bites” and “puffs” for a snack and the macaroni and cheese for lunch.  But what about for dinner or other times during the day?  Well, cheese is classified as a sort of extra or condiment in this diet.  You can certainly have it, but you want to stick to lean choices and you want to keep the serving size reasonable.  Here is how it would work: If you want cream cheese, the guidelines indicate that you can have it, but it’s recommended that you eat one tablespoon of the low fat variety.  If you can’t stomach low fat, then you can have 1/2 tablespoon of regular.  The same is true if you’re having blue cheese, feta cheese, or parmesan.  You can have 2 tablespoons if you are going with non fat and one tablespoon if you are going with the regular version.  A serving size per day of the laughing cow spreadable cheese is one wedge.  So you can see that you don’t have to cut cheese completely out.  You can get it in your medifast meals if you like and you can also add it in to your meals and snacks within reason.  So yes, you can certainly have some cheese on medifast and you don’t have to totally cut it out.  You just have to be smart about it.  Most of us are used to the lower fat versions of cheese by now, and when you embrace that, your serving size is double.  Here are the latest medifast specials.  If you have any questions about this, you can reach out to a medifast counselor on the company’s site.

Can You Have Orzo Salad On The Medifast Diet?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who feel that the medifast diet might be a good fit for them.  But, they have one hesitation – they don’t want to give up their favorite foods.  Many realize that they are no longer going to be able to eat the truly bad junk foods, but they’d like to keep some reasonably healthful favorites in their repertoire.  One example is salads that contain some pasta. Someone might say: “I know that salads are a decent way to get in your lean and green meal on medifast, but what about orzo salad? I absolutely love this meal and I eat it all of the time.  I would hate to have to give it up.  Can you eat orzo salad on medifast?”

I would strongly encourage you to reach out to a counselor on the Medifast Official Site.  I can certainly try to answer this from my own knowledge of the program and from research, but I’m not a counselor so I’d strongly suggest just contacting one.  In general, medifast doesn’t encourage the intake of a lot of carbs – although they do sell snack crackers and a few of their entrees (the ziti, the macaroni and cheese and the chicken and wild rice) DO contain a small amount of pasta and rice.  Their dining out guide does caution you against eating a lot of pasta and bread while eating at restaurants.  There’s probably a concern about getting out of ketosis by consuming too many carbs.

So if you are going to include orzo as a lean and green meal, I would suggest keeping the orzo content very light.  You’d want to use a minimal amount and instead load up on the vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, etc.  This type of salad is part of a Mediterranean diet, which is considered healthy.  They do allow at least some olives on medifast, but it is considered a fat so you want to make sure that you use a small amount (5-10.)  If you really want to be in compliance, you’d want to omit the cheese also.

I am not sure that this would be something that you’d want to have every night, especially in the beginning when you are trying to get your body into ketosis.  But I think if you had it sparingly and loaded up on the vegetables and maybe even some lean chicken, this would allow you to use the orzo very sparingly so that it could be both really tasty and in general alignment with the diet.  But please ask a counselor to be sure.  You can very easily do this online at the link above.

Are There Any People Who Can’t Go On Medifast? Are There Any Medical Conditions That Make It Off Limits?

By: Lindsey Price:  I sometimes hear from people who would like to try medifast, but who believe that something in their life (like a medical condition, a lifestyle choice, etc.) will make medifast off limits to them.

Before I continue on with this article, I have to tell you that I’m not a doctor.  I’ve researched about this diet a great deal and that is where my information comes from.  I’d encourage you to reach out to a medifast counselor on the Medifast Official Site and also to your own doctor with any questions.

There are some medical conditions that preclude dieting.  Pregnancy is one of them.  Women who are supporting a healthy baby should not diet.  It could put their own health at risk (as well as their baby’s.)

Also, people who have acute and chronic medical conditions like cancer, liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, or anorexia are advised to wait until their condition has stabilized and to get clearance from their doctor before going on any diet.

There are some conditions where you can use medifast, but you are highly encouraged to work with your doctor when you do so.  Such conditions are things like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, or people on coumudin or lithium.  People with these conditions are sometimes able to go on the plan, but they do so guided by their doctor.  Medifast has handouts and support to help you along the way, but they strongly encourage doctor participation. (You can see the handouts about using medifast with these types of conditions under the “tools” section of the official site linked to above.  Once you’ve clicked the tools section, look on the left side under “medial conditions.”)  Although being at an ideal weight can help with many health conditions, you never want to do anything that is in contrast with something your doctor is doing.  That’s why it’s very important that you consult him.

Medifast does offer special programs for nursing mothers, those over 65, teens, those with diabetes, those with gout, those who need a gluten free diet, and vegetarians.

Medifast is also a popular diet for those who have had (or want to have) bariatric surgery.  However, this is done under doctor supervision because it is important that you work with your doctor to determine your ideal calorie level before and after surgery.  And it is important to know when you get to a level where you are wanting to only maintain your weight loss instead of actively losing weight.

The bottom line is that many people who have health concerns can use medifast, so long as they are being supervised by their doctor.  However, pregnant women and those with unresolved chronic health issues should wait until their issues are resolved.  If there are still questions about this, ask a medifast counselor and also your doctor.

Should I Exercise On The Medifast Diet?

By: Lindsey Price: I sometimes have people ask me if exercise is required on medifast and whether or or not they have to do it. The answer is that while it is not required, it is certainly encouraged. Still, people sometimes express concerns about what type of effect exercise is going to have on their long term goals. I might get a comment like: “I get that exercising on medifast might enhance my results. But here is my concern. What if I exercise and diet and then I lose weight and have the body that I want? What happens if I stop later? Is this going to mess up my metabolism? I don’t want to start a habit that I know I might one day stop. I don’t want my body to get used to exercising if I am not going to do it forever. Should I exercise on medifast?”

Before I tell you my opinion, I have to tell you that I am not an exercise counselor or dietician of any kind. But I can tell you my opinion based on my own experiences. Knowing myself the way that I do, I know that if I am going to stick with anything day in and day out, then the thing has to be manageable and easy. I have to be able to easily achieve it every singe day and I have to feel better when I do it, so that I can easily make it a sustainable habit.

Honestly, I do not like doing traditional work outs. And if you told me that I had to go to gym every day or sweat it out with a room full of strangers doing cardio fitness, then I am pretty sure I would bow out pretty quickly.  Some people love group work outs.  I am not one of these people.

But I love yoga. I mean, to me, doing a yoga is a gift to myself. I feel so much less tense and centered after I do it. Unfortunately for me though, doing yoga by itself wasn’t giving me the weight loss or the muscle tone that I wanted. Then one day I discovered yoga with weights. This changed everything.  I was getting a lean, toned body and a quiet, centered mind along with stress reduction.  Then, I discovered DVDs that offered yoga with weights in fifteen minutes. Not only that, but the results that I got were wonderful. I got toned in places that hadn’t been toned in quite some time. And, I got that stress relief that I’d always loved about yoga.

Now, I can do anything for fifteen minutes, which is why I rarely miss one of these short workouts. It honestly feels like a treat and I look forward to it. The key, I think, is to find whatever this is for yourself. You may not like yoga, but you may like meditative jogging, kick boxing, martial arts, ice skating, roller blading, biking, or something else. Whatever it is that you enjoy which also offers exercise is fair game. Once you find movement that you actually love,  find ways that you can do it in manageable chunks of time and still get results.

As far as allowing your body to have expectations in terms of exercise, I think that the benefit is worth the risk. I think it’s better to exercise and eventually stop then to never exercise at all. Plus, I think that if you find a sustainable, pleasant workout then there’s no reason to think that you would want to quit. And you might find that, like me, if you make a habit of easy, short exercise sessions, you will actually find that you feel off or tense when you don’t do it and therefore you do it. It becomes body maintenance to help you be your best just like your teeth or combing your hair.

But to answer the original question, yes, I believe that exercising when on Medifast gives you better results and helps you to develop a habit that enhances your life and relieves stress. But do note that they encourage you to take it easy the first couple of weeks and they encourage you to keep the work out sensible.  Please follow up and ask a counselor on the medifast site, because I’m not a counselor and you can do this very easily via email or chat. Medifast Official Site

Medifast Go – A New Option For People Who Miss The Medifast Five Plus One (5 Plus 1)

For the longest time, the focus of medifast’s diet was the 5 plus 1 plan (which consisted of five prepackaged diet meals plus one lean and green meal.)  This was always the most popular plan.  And it was usually the plan on which the clinical studies were based.  Yes, there were people that wanted other options, which is why medifast offered a 4 plus 2 and a 3 plus 1 plan for those who wanted to eat less diet meals per day.  However the focus was usually the 5 plus 1 – until the achieve plan came along and included 4 meals.  People who wanted to do the 5 plus 1 could still do it, but they typically would just buy an achieve package and eat five meals per day, which meant that they sometimes ran out before the end of the month was up.  However, now that medifast is offering the medifast go plan, people who want to do 5 plus 1 will have all of their meals covered for an entire month.  That’s because the medifast go package includes 154 meals instead of 135.  That gives you five prepackaged meals per day and as usual, you can add in your lean and green meal.

They offer a decent amount of variety in this package also.  Included are a good amount of bars and shakes, mashed potatoes, pudding, pancakes, soup, brownies, ziti, oatmeal, and pretzels – all coming in a wide variety of flavors. They also throw in several guides, a food journal, and a blender.

This plan is much more like the traditional medifast plan that was popular for so many years.  In terms of weight loss, the best idea of what expectations to have would be to look at the John Hopkins clinical studies that are based on the 5 plus 1 plans – as that plan is very similar to this one, (assuming that you are going to follow the traditional lean and green meal guidelines.)  Medifast Go is also currently one of the cheapest medifast plans, and that is even before the use of coupons.  If you’re someone who always preferred the 5 plus 1 or who always wanted to try the traditional medifast, now would be a good time to give medifast a try with the new addition of medifast go, which a nod to what was so popular, and worked so well, in the past.  I like that medifast has done this because now, regardless of whether you are doing 4 plus 2 or 5 plus 1, you can choose the plan that gives you enough or more than enough food for the entire month.   Here are the latest medifast specials for any of the plans. New Year, New You! Lose weight fast with Medifast GO. Try 2 weeks and Get 14 Free Shakes, w/renewal plan

The Medifast Holiday Special $26 Off / $10 Per Day / Two Week Trial

By: Lindsey Price: I know that not everyone thinks about dieting during this time of year. After all, this is the best time of the year for treats. It’s also the best time of the year for packing on the pounds. So while you may not want to diet right this very second, the odds are good that, like many of us, you will soon want to lose the weight that you put on either during the holidays or during this last year.   If you’ve been considering medifast, now might be a good time to place an order – even if you’re only going to start the diet after New Year’s.  They’re offering their two week trial package for $149 instead of $175, which is a $26 savings.  They’re also throwing in three free gifts, including a food journal, blender bottle (to mix up and drink your shakes) and a plan guide.  That comes in at about $10.64 per day for four medifast meals and snacks.   You get 56 meals and get to choose from over 65 menu items of foods like shakes, soups, bars, mashed potatoes, cereal, oatmeal, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and chips.   The plan is set up so that you eat four of these meals per day and then make two lean and green meals on your own.  Since you can have very brisk weight loss with medifast, 2 weeks should give you enough time to have some great initial results.   And if you haven’t tried the program, this is give you a chance to get in and try it in the cheapest way possible.  Your initial costs are extremely low and you have very little to lose.   And maybe, just maybe, if you get this all set up and squared away to start after the new year, perhaps you won’t feel as guilty as you enjoy the holidays.  That’s a good plan, anyway. Holiday Special: Try 14 days – only $10.64/day + 3 Bonus Gifts! w/renewal plan